Parks & Recreation Division

Tapitec is pleased to represent the Canadian and/or Eastern Canadian market with renowned manufacturers in the playground safety surfacing industry. In the past five years Tapitec has diversified its market to be able to supply additional services in playground areas.

We offer the supply and installation of safety surfacing such as sand filled carpeting and pour in place granules used in play areas. 

Our safety surfacing product lines are extremely colorful, vandalism resistant and require very little maintenance.  The safety surfacing can be installed under playground structures, play areas as well as water play surfaces.  These surfaces can also be used in areas that require a minimum of 11’ fall heights according to CSA standards.  They provide a much cleaner play area for our children.

All our installations are done by skilled installers and are all according to CSA standards.

Our diverse recreation range of products provides our customers with quality products and installations all according to standards and particular budgets. 


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Our manufacturers in the recreation Division:

Nottssports - Manufacturer of sand filled carpeting for Plyground areas.

Polysoft - Manufacturer of pour in place granules for play areas and water play surfaces.

NOTTSPORTS: A complete line of polypropylene needle punch sand filled carpeting used in diverse areas of playgrounds, school yards and parks. This product can also be used under playground structures that require up to 11 feet fall height protection according to CSA standards it is installed with specifically designed pads according to fall height requirements. The product installed with sand delivers a safe, clean, anti-vandalism surface for all play areas. It is also possible to purchase pre designed games or logos such as hop scotch to easily insert into the play area.

POLYSOFT: Polyolefin Elastomer particles chemically bonded with PolySoft two-part moisture cured aliphatic polyurethane. This product delivers a flexible slip resistant and homogenous surface with no visible seams.  Very colourful!! 

Polysoft can be installed under playground structures with Softfall  SBR layer of surface granules for protection according to CSA standards. Polysoft can also be installed in play areas, around pools or the surface used for water play parks.  High chemical resistance. Polysoft can be installed over crushed stone base with SBR layer or on concrete base. 

Additional services:

- warranty on all installations

- budget costing evaluation

- Complete after sales service for all products