Corporate Profile

Founded in 1973 in Montreal, Québec, Tapitec, now stands as an international company, an industry leader in the installation of floor coverings for the commercial and industrial sectors and in the installation of sports surfaces.

Powered by a corporate culture and philosophy based on fundamental values such as customer satisfaction, quality, excellence and professionalism, Tapitec quickly gained its position amongst the leaders in the industry and earned an irreproachable reputation.

Throughout the years, this family business experienced a solid and steady growth. Today, through sound management practices, Tapitec continues its expansion geographically and technologically.

In 1985, Tapitec introduces Tapitec Sports. From the start, this new division, specialized in the supply and installation of surfaces for gymnasiums experiences strong growth. In 2000, Tapitec Sports expands its offer with the development and installation of synthetic grass fields.

Determined to always offer high quality products and superior service, innovation and technology are within the Company’s top priorities. With this in mind, Tapitec recently invested over $200,000 in research and development.

Today, Tapitec has a work force of 50 certified installers, four professional estimators as well as one of the best-qualified sales team in the industry

Competence, experience, creativity and professionalism!

Mission and vision

Tapitec is committed to understand and address the specifics needs of its customers and offer products and professional services of the highest quality and standards in order to help them meet their objectives, commitments and budgets.

A good corporate citizen, Tapitec stands out with its environmental mission.

As an example, Tapitec was amongst the first to institute a plan to recover carpets for recycling purposes and the Company continues this entrepreneurial innovative approach.

Tapitec believes in honesty and integrity. The Company values and recognizes the knowledge and experience of its people, their loyalty and their dedicated efforts and provides them with a clean and safe work environment.

Tapitec is committed to promote professionalism, total quality, integrity and dedication, to offer its customers a product and a personalized service in line with their expectations.